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Avaya Contact Center Select


Avaya Contact Center Select is a context-sensitive, collaborative, voice and multimedia customer experience solution that enables small to midsize enterprises to anticipate, accelerate, and enhance customer interactions. Avaya Contact Center Select uses the IP Office™ Platform to provide its real-time communications platform.


  • Supports skill-based routing, call treatments, reporting, unified agent management, and the graphical Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer workflows and scripting utility.
  • Supports multichannel contact types, including voice, email, outbound, Web communications (Web chat), SMS text messages; fax messages, scanned documents and voice mail messages.
  • Contact Center Select is derived from Avaya Aura Contact Center and supports a subset of its APIs, namely Web Communications Web services, Multimedia Outbound Web service, Email Open Interfaces, CCT .Net API, Real-time Data API, Real-time Statistics Multicast API and Host Data Exchange API.

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