On-line Training Courses

The following on-line, self-paced training courses were developed by DevConnect and are available free to members:

Training Course: Avaya Aura Contact Center

Attain an in-depth knowledge of how to develop custom contact center solutions using the Avaya Aura Contact Center APIs. The course is based around fully-worked, real-life use cases, supplemented with sample code in a variety of programming languages, detailed descriptions of the the interfaces and their capabilities, the underlying technologies used, consideration of their business value, examples, exercises and quizzes.
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Training Course: Avaya Aura® Orchestration Designer & POM

Learn how to build automated service and outbound campaign management applications using Avaya Aura® Orchestration Designer (AAOD) and Proactive Outreach Manager (POM). The applications are deployed on Avaya Aura Experience Portal to provide rich, automated experience management solutions to customers.
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Training Course: Developing with Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services

The covers use of the TSAPI, DMCC and Web Services interfaces to Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services (AE Services). Note that this course was originally developed based on product releases which have now been superseded. Although some of the information in the course is now out-of-date, it includes a significant amount of content that remains valid and which you may find useful.
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Training Course: Avaya Interaction Center Client SDK

The course covers the development of applications for contact center agents using the Avaya Interaction Center Client SDK. Note that the course was developed against an early release of Avaya Interaction Center. Subsequent releases have introduced a number of new interfaces to the Client SDK, which are not covered in this course. See the latest release of the Avaya Interaction Center Client SDK Programmer Guide for information about new interfaces.
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